Walter Alter

portfolio: new watercolors


The artist has been rekindling his interest in abstract
drawing after an absence of many years. The use of
basic media to create complex yet balanced composition
is an ongoing challenge. Conte crayon, watercolor,
graphite pencil, colored pencil, colored ink, and black
ink with pen and brush are all used in creating
spontaneous interactions of color, form and placement.

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Prints of all flat art are available
Works For Sale

New Abstract Compositions.

A revolution in efficiency

Waiting for spare parts
Vanishing in the rearview
. Big bang is big bag
Exolete and obstinct
A good set of gauges
The flavor of coconut
A TV channel for each sense
Defiant is nice
Make your own decisions
Another epiphany
Retinal acuity graph
Straight from the jar

The shortcut is

Symbol broadcast
The future is a