Walter Alter

portfolio: recent work


The capabiity of generating pure graphic design with the
computer has become a new field of experimentation
while trying to avoid overused and manipulated natural images
as found in most computer art, the exercise becomes one
of using glyph and symbol along with pure shape and color
tone to create in an original and interesting manner.

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Prints of all flat art are available
Works For Sale


Recent Abstract Computer Manipulated Compositions.

Projection 001  
. Projection 002
Projection 003  
Projection 004
Projection 005  
Projection 006
Projection 007  
Projection 008
Projection 009  
Projection 010
Universe 001  
Universe 002
Universe 003  
Universe 004
Universe 005  
Universe 006
Universe 007  
Universe 008
Universe 009  
Universe 010
Universe 011  
Universe 012
Universe 013  
Universe 014
Universe 015  
Universe 016
Universe 017  
Universe 018
Recent Paintings (not for sale)    
Panoply 001  
Panoply 002