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p o r t f o l i o

a r t i c l e s


Rant Man Intro-

these esayss were written and compiled because contemporary "Western"
and "anti-Western" artists, particularly those comprising the avant garde
and underground, being, as such, a de facto propaganda arm of the
irrationalist anarcho-Trotskyite mafia, are currently in trouble. in trouble
because of Perestroika, in trouble because of technophobia; in trouble
because of political correctness, historic revisionism, and philosophical
imperialism; in trouble because of no truly independent sense of
adventure, humor or proportion. these pages are a repair manual for that
trouble. if you can read it you have the only tool you'll need. these pages
are also a well-tempered revenge. its author, an artist of merit and
accomplishment, has had far too many career doors slammed in his face by
those in the public and private arts administration for reasons of pure
hypocrisy. how many museum trustee honchos, public agency mandarins,
docent plutocrats, style brahmins and Kentucky colonel critics have
interviewed expansively about "risk", "discovery", "innovation", "anti-
authority" and being "difficult" in general when really talking straight
down their shirts to the navel of the pre-masticated politically correct
cadre hard line? but when faced with the authentic, the whole authentic
and nothing but the authentic, they choke on their script like shoplifters
on-camera. the current debate about being "PC", politically correct, is a
revolution of intellect against worn out rhetoric, existential pessimism
and a blindness to internal contradiction.

the author has witnessed a withering quantity of cases where men and
women of radical/progressive outlook, in power situations, large and
small, bureaucratic and Anarcho-Communard, have betrayed their precious
autonomy in order to maintain an identity of "other-directed" externally
defined cultural caste, nothing less. the author (on account of his refusal
to be a slave of orthodoxy, because he recognized bald ass truth when he
saw it and, moreover, felt affinity for the processes of mind which led
him towards that recognition) perceived as an outsider the increasing
evidence of banality, and conformism within the "non-conformist" camp
and concluded, early on, that any attribute of knowledge, applied or
contemplated, which requires permission from others rather than the
observational conscience, is an anathema to "free being".

it was further observed that fake consciences were being wholesale
manufactured by a disguised manipulator elite out of repressed infantile
rage, regret and loss; directed as hatred, no less blind nor Fascist. yet
this bigotry was justified because the targets had names like: bourgeoise,
authoritarian, Christian, technology, bureaucrat, boss, cop, landlord,
parent, American, etc. these fake consciences were ultimately
pessimistic and retrograde, an infantile nostalgia, a sublimation of
hysteria, the junkie solace of cliche.

conscience is in essence optimistic. it defines the individual as virtuous
and verifies the capacity of being to withstand adversity and be a cause
rather than an effect. this, above all, is why contemporary artists are in
trouble. they have been trapped into the apparat-think role of propaganda
disseminator, like the violinists at Buchenwald, like bad Beatnik/heroin
poetry, the role controls substance, a vogueish hand up the ass controlling
mouth, eyeballs, eyelids, eyebrows. it is time to follow Duchamp in
earnest, study the great glass, learn the great game.

even though Marxist thought was perceived as a vehicle for progressive
human virtue for over a century, it was flawed in several of its theories
so that when capitalist society did not decay on schedule, Marxists
(including Fabian Socialist, Maoist, Trotskyite and European Communo-
Anarchist cadres) allied themselves with decadent forces within the
"West" in an attempt to engineer a faster "withering away" of the state in
the form of a "post-industrial" economic collapse from whose ashes would
rise a progressive millenarian phoenix. this was a scenario that could be
congruently superimposed upon the Christian fundamentalist rapture, the
neo-Nazi helter-skelter race war gotterdammerung, the Libertarian
mother of all stock market crashes (buy silver!), the Oligarchical great
thin out of the breeding stock. this grand strategy of forced "withering"
created, by default, a screwball alliance between Western radicals, a
dizzying melange of occult metaphysical secret societies, organized crime
and its upper echelon handlers in the think tanks and intelligence agency
situation rooms. you had the spectacle of the "old boy" British OSS/Dulles
wing of the CIA as prime conduit of LSD and Golden Triangle heroin
meshing like a gear train with the Vietnam war and its antithesis, the
anti-war protest. the anti-war protest accomplished two things: it
liberated american (Western Capitalist) society forever from Nazi
Eugenicist Social Darwinism (good) and provided organized crime and its
entrepreneurial supra-structure with an aggregate income of over $60
billion (that's billion) per annum via the drug culture (bad). the use of
drugs as a weapon of war, whether low intesity cultural warfare or high
intensity shooting war, ranks with nerve gas, shell fish toxin and bio-
engineered anthrax. $60 billion is serious money even when its leverage
power is not taken into account. you can buy a country with that kind of
money, and they did: Peru, Laos, Bolivia, Burma, the Bahamas, Colombia,
and large areas of the countryside and governments of many other
countries. the biggest payoff, however, was a diffuse yet deepening
corruption of legitimate economic and political life which is currently
manifesting as a diversion of investment from manufacturing and
transportation infrastructure, massive banking/savings and
loan/insurance failures, and wholesale ownership of legislatures
irrespective of political alignment. the sum total of this attempted
acceleration of the corruption of Western Capitalist societies, their
economies and their governments is now being played out upon a new


..because of Perestroika. because of Perestroika and the stated and
purposive dependency of the Socialist "East" upon Western Capitalist
economies for guidance and help at this revolutionary juncture of history,
it is now imperative and urgent that Radical Left ideology in the West be
brought into correspondence with the immediate need for healthy,
virtuous, productive, wise, problem solving economies in the West. the
Eastern bloc are now our allies under a world hegemony of Capitalist
means of production, and if we fail to see what is in front of our faces,
we stand accused of hide-bound conservatism. the task at this critical
historic era is to analyse Capitalist economics from an historic stand-
point in order to apprehend and distill any and all of its humanistic
tendencies into a workable program for future human progress. in this
task one must differentiate that domain of Capitalist thought
traditionally held captive to Feudalist overlays which are the
philosophical propellants for centralist empires (proto-Darwinist amoral
predatory "Freemarket" Adam Smith) and ardently advise in favor of
innately anti-Feudalist tendencies as exemplified by the "Continental"
economics of Friedrich List and the "American Dirigist System" of
Alexander Hamilton, Matthew and Henry Carey, and as currently practiced
to great effect by post WWII Japan. any research along these lines will be
rewarded with ample historic precedent for the application of a humane,
intelligent and progressive economic system. we have no choice. For
socialism it's over.

the strategic bankruptcy of the '60's anti-war movement was made
apparent by their anachronistic, cliche-ridden tactics during the Operation
Desert Storm. the thing was an embarrassment. any Radical /Progressive
agenda predicated on reality will have to face an america of Liberal
potential domestically, but Conservative potential internationally. it has
been the foreign policy implications of a '60's radicalized Democratic
party which has kept them out of presidential power (except for the
Rockefeller surrogate Trilateralist, Carter) for almost two generations.
we need a clear understanding that the '60's anti-war radicalism and all
its cultural spin offs are playing against a global, geo-political, total
field Capitalist background.

we also absolutely need at this time a radical commitment to warfare
against organized crime and their Oligarch and Intelligence network
handlers. plus we need an Environmentalism tempered with a profound
understanding of the necessity to bring the 3rd World up to industrialized
standards of living. the first choice of action is to force a restructuring
of global investment financing built upon a debt moratorium and a
commitment to technology transfer so that these societies can be trained
and educated upwards and made self-sufficient within autonomous
localized economic trading blocs. the alternative is to watch the 3rd
World get its ass shredded by overt economic racist agendas on the Right
and covert racist anti-industrial agendas on the Radical Environmentalist

the rest of the "because of's..." are handled within the following pages.
these papers have been evolving over a period of nine or ten years. the
ones dealing with technology have been updated through the winter of '95.
crucial technological developments will occur in the realm of denser
information flow (at the moment of the prior revision, Dec '91, it had just
been announced that new signal compression algorythms will allow the
stacking of 5-10 cable tv channels on an extant single cable). at a certain
point even stupid policy makers will be forced to act logically on the
basis of new technology or face a lynch mob of info have-nots. where the
included articles touch upon political conspiracy, they reveal the tip of an
increasing body of history coming to light as various national intelligence
files become available to historians due to a running out of their statute
of limitations or access to Eastern Bloc intelligence files or their
unauthorized release by men and women of conscience. there has been
great deal of effort made within the Radical and alternative press,
whether at street level or in the academic journals, that attempts to
trivialize, ridicule, or otherwise discredit conspiracy theory as a method
of history from which to generate policy. true, some of it is used to
support either side's paranoia and delusions as a vehicle of
disinformation. most of it, however, has a foundation in truth, and once
ideological overlays are stripped off, Revisionist and conspiratorial
histories smash to pieces our cartoon folklore about recent and past
historic events.