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Engine of Didactic Beauty



This is a rambling anti-narrative post-postmodern accumulation of self referential free verse exhortations inspired by the appalling quantities of human stupidity and hypocrisy amok in the world. It is designed to make you smarter. That's what “didactic” means.

All the institutions of modern society are corrupted by distorted survival impulses impelled by premises that reflect fear first, then, incidentally, fact. Why do we cling to obsolete ideas, what is the power of their persistence? Answer that question and you begin to understand the actual nature of the “human condition.

Once an idea is assumed to be a premise in our head and tapping into our identity survival reflexes, it's game over. When character armor can no longer be accessed by new data, it begins acting blindly as a rote dictatorial interpretive framework. This blinding of awareness, where a better idea is consciously refused entry, is the work of ideology and dogma and is the actual evil against which truth and beauty have struggled for 10,000 years. The use of ideology and doctrine as a tool with which to confront reality is a pathological decortication of one's own capacity to reinterpret based on better data, i.e., to become moreintelligent. The enemy of all humanity is simply the stubborn refusal to learn. Angels weep an ocean of tears for us because of this.

The way we think the world works, the textbook version, is an outright hallucination. None of our societal or governmental or religious institutions function as advertised. There is a covert, hidden agenda side to all of it. Government is nothing more than a system of feudal payoffs and the squandering of taxed labor. News gathering and reporting is a nauseating spectacle of omission and propaganda

The universities are knowledge mafias whose grant funded scientists have their collective heads up their corporate butts. Capital enterprise exists to destroy and obliterate the
competition and evolve into a fascist monopoly. Religion and spirituality, all of them, even yours, are reactionary exercises in mind control. Culture and cutting edge art ignorantly serves hidden philosophies of social manipulation. Pop visionaries are cliche riddled hacks. Human genius is mauled and contorted by a clairvoyant Gestapo. The oligarch ruling class is still the invisible hand behind their many empires, re-engineering civilization through globalist vampire finance. Ethical men and women live in fear for their lives and sanity. Solutions fail, answers obfuscate, magicians conjure and befuddle.

Nobody knows what to do about anything. In the face of a staggering technological potential to re-engineer society towards virtue and discovery, we are entering a new Dark Age and your screams won't stop it.

Theater of Utter Charm

Since all my poems pretty much say the same thing from different angles, refer to the same human errors repeating themselves endlessly through history- the brutal amnesias, the compulsive rituals of ignorance, the habitual usurpation of our angelic potentials, the chronic acts of self-blinding, the mindless phobias, etc. , I thought I'd dispense with the artificial boundary between poems and have it be a single witches brew of observation from as many different points of view as I can muster.  

Creatures of Whimsy

Creatures of Whimsy was assembled from a newly discovered trove of old writing and some new stuff written for some online poetry sites- re worked and buffed out into a shiny new object of contemplation. It includes two short plays in the absurdist mode featuring two characters that constantly squabble and scratch their heads over matters of existence somewhere within my cerebral cortexent.  

Panoply Ex Machina

  Essays and Interviews
The overarching problem chronically facing humanity has always been the inability of its constituent members to think for themselves, period. As biological beings we are complex. The Universe surrounding us is complex. The civilizations we create are complex. But the way we solve problems is, to put it kindly, simple minded. To put it not so kindly, our methods are cartoonish low resolution, short sighted, self-serving, neurotic, and naïve to the point of tears and worst of all, repetitive. We complain about information overload in an electronic age while our schools dumb down our kids, our media are temples of peasant ignorance and superstition, what we call wisdom is the distillate of cliché addled hacks, our politicians and economists manage to make everything they touch turn to rotting turnips and religion is an exercise in crowd control. Basically we are too stupid to survive. The source of this stupidity has been debated since humans managed to find time to sit and think, and ranges from discourse on endocrine secretions to childhood trauma to laziness to a Biblical fall from grace. At no time does anyone try to figure out what it is that really smart people have going for themselves or how autistic savants, like the "Rain Man", manage conscious computation faster than the speed of nerve synapses. The nations of the world are in dire necessity of calling together of their best minds to discover a series of methodologies for child rearing and education that delivers citizens who are up to the task of managing a planet that is globally simultaneous and interwoven, that is living in the future, that is situated in a cosmic meteor shooting gallery. And, without question, no candidate for political office should be allowed near a campaign microphone


without an IQ above 150. The question of human genius should be the topic of dinner table conversation across the World. It should be the topic of YOUR dinner table conversation tonight. If this plea sounds strange to you, then God help us.