Walter Alter

portfolio: inter dada '84


In 1984 the West coast dada mail artist community
organized a world event in San Francisco called
Inter Dada 84. Several hundred artists from the U.S.
and around the world, including the famous contemporary
Italian Dadist, Guille Achille Cavellini, attended.

Numerous events were held around the city at various art
venues and the Victoria Theater. Included was a recreation
of the Zurich Cabaret Voltaire, The Dada Burlesque, The
Refrigerator Show, The Dada Dance Contest, a Cavellini
"Autohistorificazione" performance, and Dada Around the
Block, a very strange parade that circled a city block in
the South of Market district for an hour with a full police

Bay Guardian article on Inter Dada 84

The legendary Cavellini sticker

The artist served as Cavellini's interpreter during the event.

The artist engaged in "brain writing" at the Victoria Theater;
composing stream of consciousness poetry that was closed
circuit televised to locations in the theater.

The brain writing sheet