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Realpoltik and the Conspiracy Neurosis


"I'm not paranoid, I'm just well-informed" -anonymous

It's 3 am, I'm watching Jenny Jones in another of her popular and frequent fake provocateur challenges to the political overtones and imperatives of adolescents who have appropriated the Gothic esthetic as a passive/aggressive deflection of their pain-in-the-soul over perceiving the impotence of ethical behavior in a world that can't hide or repair the outrage of distibution inequities and the images of distended baby stomachs in the wastes of sub-Sahara Africa. Since I want Jenny to succeed in her watered down obliquely pulling strategy of creating tolerance and appetite for
this element of the new youth brigades, I should probably shut up before I give away show biz secrets and reveal the positions of our camoflaged troops. But what the hell, in a proletarian army, we're all officers and should know the terrain maps and unit dispositions, secure that the strengh of our beholding of beauty will keep us serene under torture.

An esthetic, Gothic or otherwise, has internal logic and internal logic is what purity craves, what the injustice of starvation fractures. So oblique, diffuse and mealy as it is, Jenny weighs in on the side of the angels, a member of our alliance for the expression of absolute truth, and, in spite of the tabloid sleaze, is, in fact a working class operative. But what I really want to talk about is how we can track our way through the labyrinth of political conspiracy without clinging like scared lemurs
to the pig teats of ideology, cynicism, zealotry, dispair, expertise and/or denial.

The danger of conspiracy theory is that, small as the demographic of partakers is, it is played by the conspirators importantly to decoy and deflect attention, and integration of clues leading to the house of the monkey. slightly to either side of the actual Monkey St. address. Like all good disinformation, decoy rationales are plausable and given doctrinal impulse by their association with the bona fides of the teller or by their revelation of some secrets, but not the key ones. Such was the famous Key to the Gemstone Files, deflecting the JFK assassination events onto Onassis and away from Resorts International, Permindex and remnant operatives of the British SOE tangoing with OSS old boys in the CIA, FBI Masonry and the occasional Georgetown University Jesuit Vatican mafia playpals. Kennedy was whacked, not because he was pulling us out of Vietnam or pulling the air cover out of the Bay of Pigs or committing American science to the conquest of space, but becasue he was prepared to work with Kruschev towards a permanent condiminium with Marxism, hence the Pentagon's interest in the proceedings. The other danger with conspiracy is that writing about it necessarily leads to an infinite number of digressions.

The libraries are full of recent books, all of them with merit, many of them dangerous to the conspiracy, that spell out the major players, the major historic trends they played with, the major outcomes. Nazi Germany is endlessly fascinating. The roots of Marxism less so, but far more rewarding to understanding how we got here from there. Contemporary conspiracy is unfortunately split into the usual right and left wing camps with the strange phenomenon of the left wing tending to deny the efficacy of conspiracy research in general and tolerating only politically correct and more rigidly controlled ideolgical interpretive frameworks, i.e., left wing radicals are discouraged from straying away from the protected organs such as the Trotskyite Mother Jones or the anarchist zines. Left wing radicals mistakenly avoid reading the Spotlight, the American Spectator or New Federalist and scratch their heads at the
impotence of their movement and the destruction of internationalism whether s ocialist or anarchist. Right wing radicals are freer ideologically to read a wider range of subject matter, particularly including tracts on economics, consitiutional law and non-Nazi historic revisionism, areas in which the left are abysmally ignorant save for superficial cliched party line thought bites. What is necessary at this point in the struggle is for both sides to massively cross pollinate and let the facts and the conclusions fall where they may creating new and surprising political alignments. Ace Hayes was a pioneer in this effort.