Walter Alter

portfolio: photo-collage

The artist has had a long time interest in photography
and composed collages using documentary and news
photographs from the post-world war II period and
photographs gleaned from camera shop debris boxes.

In his series of 3-d collages, layers of plexiglass were
used with image elements placed between different
layers giving depth to the pieces.

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Works For Sale


The A-bomb as metaphor for something  
Little Wally's world of ambivalence

Juxtappositiion of existence and a bowling
ball upon a dissecting table
The dance of DNA on the 6:00 news


My guardian angels were in WWII, the big one

Liesure, primetime, and the CO2 cycle

Dogs get lost but not at dinnertime  
The moon has witnessed your every breath


In past years we played less

In touch with my inner monkey
Charles Darwin eats his young  
Motoring through America
Welcome to planet Earth  
Bandaid solutions

Slavery is a state of mind, if you have a mind  
Strange Planet
Cinema begins with a story board and ends in darkness   It's a panoply upon the horizon

X-ray can see but not walk through walls   We live in a theater of utter charm
21st Century charm school   We are creatures of whimsey

3D Collage

These collages were assmbled inside a box with elements of the collage separated by layers of clear Plexiglass giving them a diarama type visual depth.    
The dymaxion world of Buckminster
Fuller explained
Like an hourglass is the neck
TV - the building blocks of info
throughput density
What you see is what you want